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How to Wrap Hard-to-Wrap Gifts


Three easy ways to present hard-to-wrap gifts.


1. Simple Scarf Cozy

For the one-bottle option (above, at left), you'll need: a scarf, a wooden button and feathers.

  1. Stand bottle up.
  2. Starting at the bottom, wrap scarf around bottle, slowly making your way up to the top, where the ends should meet.
  3. Tie two ends of scarf together.
  4. Add a decorative button, a couple of feathers and/or other embellishments of your choosing.

For the two-bottle option (above, at right), you'll need: a large scarf.

  1. Lay scarf out flat on a table.
  2. Place wine bottles, bottom to bottom, at the base of the scarf.
  3. Roll bottles up in scarf.
  4. Stand the bottles up together, side by side.
  5. Tie excess scarf in a bow. (Tip: For added strength, wrap some wire around the knot of the bow to prevent slipping. This is a great place to add a name tag!)


2. Giant Christmas Cracker

card stock or veneer
felt and decorative fabric
hot-glue gun
Scotch® Pop-Up Tape Handband Dispenser

  1. Create a cylindrical form out of card stock or veneer by rolling it to the appropriate size for your gift.
  2. Secure the paper with Scotch® tape.
  3. Wrap felt around the form and secure it with hot glue. Use tape to help hold it in place if you are doing this project on your own.
  4. Place a piece of contrasting fabric in each end.
  5. Tie your ends off with ribbon.
  6. Attach ornaments, feathers, etc. to each end an attach a gift tag to complete the look.


3. Gift-Card Gingerbread House

Breaking into the house to retreive the card is half the fun! (The other half? Why, eating it, of course!)

gingerbread-house kit
extra candies and frosting
edible paper and gift tags

  1. Wrap your gift card in leftover gift-wrap to prevent icing and/or gingerbread from damaging the card.
  2. Build house around gift card.
  3. Decorate house and seal it with an edible ribbon and gift tag.


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