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Great Hardware Gadgets


Always in and out of the hardware store? Keep an eye out for some of these great gadgets that'll make your next home improvement project a cinch.

Great Hardware Gadgets

1. Paint Can Lid, $3

This paint can lid reduces dripping and is an easy paint storage solution.

2. Strap a Handle, $9

This product claims to hold up to 75 pounds. Use it at the lumber yard to load up your car.

3. Caulk Saver, $4

Allows you to reseal caulk, squeeze and foam sealant tubes to keep them for reuse later.

4. Hammer Bottle Opener, $10

Whether you're done all the hard work, or you just need a quick break. Keep this handy hammer in your tool holster to help you kick back with a few beers.

5. Finger Maxx, $4

Makes nuts and screws part of your finger. Allowing you to 'feel' those hard to reach places.


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