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Grandma’s House Crafts

Grandma's accumulated more than just wisdom in her many years; she's also got herself a lot o' stuff. And believe it or not, there's life in those dusty ol' relics yet! Turn your granny's finds into one-of-a-kinds with these two super-simple crafts. To grandmother's house we go!

Sweet and Sassy Pillows

DIY Pillow.jpg

What you'll need:
Grandma's old pillows
T-shirt transfer paper
Ink-jet printer

  1. Print the image of your choice onto transfer paper using an ink-jet printer. (Laser printers will not work.) Make sure to buy transfer paper that is designed for light-coloured fabric, which won't print white ink and will allow your pillow fabric to show through. Dark-fabric sheets will print white or light ink, which will block out your pillow's pattern.
  2. Cut off any excess paper from your image.
  3. Remove pillow insert and place image face down onto fabric in desired location.
  4. Using a hot iron, set your image in place. Apply firm pressure for approximately one to three minutes for best results. Note: Smaller images require less time. If the image is smaller than the iron, it may only require 30 seconds to 1 minute to transfer.
  5. Peel back the paper once it is cool to the touch.
  6. Apply multiple images for a fun, eclectic looking pillow.

Click here to download the bicycle, bird and bug patterns pictured above.

Patchwork Art

DIY Art.jpg

What you'll need:
Old pictures and paintings (Reproductions or prints only! Don't cut up any of Granny's original art!)
Scissors or X-acto knife

  1. Remove all the pieces of art from their frames.
  2. Cut the each piece of art into strips. These do not need to be uniform in width, but they should be perfect rectangles.
  3. Arrange your strips in random order with a bar code effect in mind. You may need to cut some additional smaller strips to fill in any holes.
  4. Using a small line of glue adhere each image to one another.
  5. Once the glue is dry, cut the finished piece down to size.
  6. Frame your new one-of-a-kind collage. Grandma's attic art never looked so good!



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