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Good, Better, Best: Loft-Style Dining Room

The architectural details of a loft inspired the industrial style of this dining room and is a style that seems to be sticking around. All of the details in the furniture and decor combine together to create a look well suited to the interior of a loft or a dining room in a house with very high ceilings.

Good Better Best Loft-Style Dining Room

Above: dining table, console, chairs, Elte; rug, W Studio; chandelier, Artcraft S&C Steven and Chris collection; teak trough, Rusteak; frames, Ikea; artwork, iStockPhoto; lamps, Peaks and Rafters; bar tray, bar accessories, ice bucket, Restoration Hardware; decanters, glasses, HomeSense; Edison lightbulbs, StylegaragePara Paints


Dining Table: The dining table is the foundation of this space. The finish of this table is reclaimed wood, which just gets better with age. The more patina, the more interest. The dark metal base of the table grounds it and has great industrial details. Because it doesn't run the length of the table and is more of a pedestal style, it allows for additional seats at the table when needed.

Server: The server and dining table do not have to be a matching set. In fact, we suggest it not be. Adding a piece that complements your table and is in the same style further elevates the design and creates more interest. This vintage inspired metal server is a great example of a piece that can be used elsewhere if you ever move to another space, an added bonus of choosing pieces that are not a set.

Art: We chose to do two simple pieces of art here. A monochromatic scheme will keep this space feeling cohesive and sophisticated. Choosing pieces that reflect the style of the environment further emphasize the details.

Dining Chairs: These chairs are in keeping with the industrial style, but the linen slipcovers work to soften the overall look. Being able to remove the covers gives you the flexibility of changing the look of the room whenever you feel like it's time for a change. The style of these chairs is not something you see every day and they give the room a lot of personality. The height is great, as it allows for clear sight lines in an open space like a loft or open concept home.

Area Rug: An area rug in this room is an absolute necessity. It adds that extra layer of warmth while the bold pattern adds colour.

Good Better Best Dining Room


Art: Adding two more pieces of art will give this wall more presence in the space.  Choose pieces from the same series in order to keep the look cohesive.

Table lamps: Lighting is very important. By using buffet lamps we have layered in light and created a cozier atmosphere. We wanted to play with scale so we opted for larger lamps in a dark colour. The strength of the lights works perfectly with all the other dark and rustic elements here.

Bar Tray and Accessories: Accessorizing a space like this can be difficult, so be sure to display your most beautiful items and choose them carefully. Adding in layers when there is so much going on can make a space feel cluttered, so take your time with it. Here we have displayed our beautiful bar accessories.

Good Better Best Dining Room


Move Server: Maximizing the square footage is the best thing you can do in a dining space, so we are going to move our server to one side.

Art: For maximum impact we have created a large art installation on the wall. These 16 frames maximize every square inch of this wall and just looks breathtaking.

Trough/Centrepiece: Having a centerpiece that lives on your table all the time is a great luxury.  For a better space we like this long and narrow piece filled with moss and succulents which is sure to last for a long time to come.


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