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Good, Better, Best: Family Room

For this good, better, best we're in the most popular room in the home: the family room. From TV and play time to entertaining guests, this space is multi-functional, so let's work to make it sophisticated enough for the adults and durable enough for the kids.

Good Better Best Family Room

Above: sectional, orange and numbered pillows, Decorest; safari prints, Elte; Grasscloth wallpaper, Primetime Paint; pendant lights, cowhide pouff, throw cushions, Snob stuff; storage ottomans, Crate and Barrel; rug, W studio; tray, Homesense; horn bowl, Kantelberg & Co, Seasoned Salt P5055-14D, Para Paints


Sectional: The best thing about a family room is gathering to watch a movie or curling up for an afternoon snooze and a sectional is just perfect for that. Choose a piece with various options, so you can customize it to your space. This sectional connects together with a simple metal latch, wherever you see a seat cushion, so this piece can be as long or narrow as you like with arms and a chaise anywhere.

Durability is key when you are dealing with a family room, so we always recommend a cotton/polyester blend fabric with a high rub count. The natural fibre elevates the look and feel of the sofa, and polyester keeps it durable and washable.

Painted Wall and Mirror: In a family room, paint is so important, from marker and greasy hands on the wall to dings and scratches, you want to choose something that is durable and washable.

We chose a premium professional quality paint that is warm, washable, non yellowing and has a high hiding power. High hiding power means that the pigment scatters light and hides nicks and scratches well.

A beautiful oversized mirror is a great addition to this space. It will help bounce the light and brings some brightness and simple detail to the wall.

Area Rug: We can't say it enough: make sure you are choosing a rug that fits your space. This is a 12' wall and approximately a 11' sectional, so we needed to choose a large area rug. Anything small would have looked like a mistake because it doesn't ground the heavy furniture.

Poof/Coffee Table: This is where the personality comes in. This hide poof is a great soft spot to put your feet up and adds some warm texture to the room.

Good Better Best Family Room


Storage: We want this space to be useful for everyone in the family, so include sophisticated storage options like these covered baskets. They will double as a table top or somewhere to put your feet up but conceal toys, crafting supplies, or video games.

Pillows: Keeping the family in mind, we wanted to push the look of a cozy and collected space. Mixing and matching pillows is a way to make the space feel well traveled and keep it cozy with layers of texture and pattern.

Accessorizing: Adding a little bit more of yourself into the space just makes it the best family room it can be. We've done this in the form of a tray for the coffee table with beautiful flower arrangement and a stunning horn bowl.

Good Better Best Family Room


Art and Wallpaper: A mirror and neutral wall is quite safe, so we want to push it further. We have wallpapered the wall in a grass cloth filled with texture and subtle colour. Activating the wall with this paper will add some impact to the space without adding bold colour. Apply it to all the walls in your space for a uniform look.

We think the best family spaces are those that reflect the people living in it. We happen to really love travel, so we chose to include photos that appear as though they were taken on an African Safari. These images could be any travel photos, just have them printed and framed to be over scale for maximum impact.

DIY Tray: We made this tray with kids in mind. Kids like to play games, colour, or even build things - and with so many soft surfaces, we wanted to give them a tray to use just about anywhere. This piece is three simple pieces of wood screwed together to fit snuggly over the chaise lounge on the sofa. It can be used on the sofa as a solid surface to play, down on the floor as a drawing board, or even as an eating tray.

Keep the finish clean and simple to not distract from any of the beautiful décor.

Pendant lights: We always like to layer in light. Family rooms don't typically have pendant lights in them, but if the space allows, we love this as an option. These globally inspired pieces have been grouped together on varying levels and dropped in over the coffee table for maximum impact. This will bring the light down in to the room and the hammered metal will cast a beautiful light in the space.


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