Gold Rush in Home Decor

Gold, brass and copper are having a renaissance in interiors in everything from fabrics, to hardware to home décor. Andrea Ford says we're seeing this trend pop up everywhere and the good news is that it’s not as precious and stuffy as it was in the 80s. The new gold can be rocker, nostalgic, or antique. Gold no longer has to be saved for special occasions or specific seasons, it has a timeless appeal.

What’s great about gold is that it goes with pretty much any style, colour or era. Some of the best combinations include brass and white, brass and black, brass and blush pink or peach. The trick is to not be afraid to mix metals with brass and gold, chrome and brushed nickel.

Here are several ways to introduce this strong but beautiful colour into your home.

Glam Up Your Wall Treatments

Glam Up Your Wall Treatment

Think of using paint or wallpaper in a warm gold tone to add lustre to your home. We recommend you only apply it to a feature wall, otherwise it might overpower the space. Metallic paint looks especially great with moulding details such as wainscoting.

Be Bold With Furniture

Be Bold With Furniture

If you are daring enough, why not add a gold sofa to your living room? This one is upholstered in a gold velvet fabric – the nice thing about metallic velvets is that they change shade with the light and with the nap (softness/pile) of the fabric, so it isn’t as shocking as other types of metallic fabrics. Small console tables or cocktail tables can also give that extra bit of sparkle and turn your drab room into a glamorous affair.

Incorporate Strong Accents

Years ago we’d only see gold accents on dinnerware in grandma’s china cabinet but now we’re making everyday more special with just a few hits of brass or gold. Gold rim glasses and gold coloured flatware are great ways to dress up your table.

Smaller items like vases, painted glass, or sculptures can add an element of luxe with the smallest hit. They are found in many different finishes that range from bold to subdued: brushed, hammered, glossy, matte and leafed finish. Don’t forget that even building materials and hardware such as knobs for kitchen cupboards or faux tin ceiling tiles are being used to add colour and dimension.

Incorporate Strong Accents

If you want that gold hit but don’t want it to overpower your space, try adding pillows. Artisan products are loving gold and brass accents with metallic treatments on fabric (hand painted pillow). Metallics are everywhere in surface treatments like silk screening and hand blocking in a freehand style. It’s also best paired with linen or a canvas for a casual-luxe juxtaposition.

Add Lighting

Add Lighting

Brass light fixtures are back in vogue and making a serious comeback in midcentury style. This style is great for a transitional space that isn’t fully traditional but isn’t fully modern and sleek either. You can also find great pieces at vintage stores. One of the nicest aspects of brass and gold lighting is the warm glow that it casts. Gold reflects similarly to candlelight, which is the most flattering light for every complexion.

Do It Yourself

Try your hand at gold leafing antique furniture - the trick to gold leafing is to pick something that is small and flat. You can choose to gold leaf a drawer on a dresser, or for larger items like a chandelier, use spray paint.

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