Global Decor Goes Chic

Globally inspired décor is a great way to add personality to your space, says designer Emily Griffin. Look for items that favour rich patterns, natural materials and hand crafted items made by artisans across the globe to get that one of a kind feel. These are items big box stores simply can’t replicate.

Neutral Materials and Textures

Sources: sofa, Snob; console, Kantelburg & Co.; rug, coffee table, ELTE; chairs, Green Light District; stools, sconces, headdress pillows, Snob and ELTE

This room it is all about textures and layering and feels like a room straight out of a safari lodge in Africa. It has an earthy and natural palette; everything is muted with an emphasis on natural materials.

These chairs were handcrafted in South Africa by a local artisan and have so many great natural textures like leather upholstery, solid iroko wood arms and cotton cord on the seats that is spun in a really interesting pattern.

The ceremonial headdresses from Africa called Jujus are very popular right now. You can find them in all colours and sizes; they are domestic bird feathers worn by chiefs and important dancers during celebrations to symbolize prosperity and emulate the feathers of birds. 
A combination of pillows upholstered in silk, velvet, wool and lots of exotic patterns all mixed together completes the look.

Bold Patterns and Colours

Sources: bench, Emily Griffin Design; light, Kentelberg & Co.; wallpaper, Elitis at Primavera; pillow, ELTE and Snob; accessories, Snob

If you're not afraid of colour, why not take on a Morrocan vibe where bright jewel tones and geometric patterns pop against beautiful neutral textures.

Here we started with this vibrant wallpaper that features a nod to a Moroccan pattern made modern. We picked up the colours in the wallpaper all throughout the room: silk pillows on our leather chairs, a handmade coffee table/bench made from a bag that sat on the back of a camel, and lots of accessories on the gorgeous curvy Moroccan-inspired console. The console's made from wood and finished off with a sandy glaze.

All of the accessories are like little stories unto themselves. Beaded dolls from Africa, horns, quills, and necklaces made from coral give this room a collected feel. Adding objects like this to your space will make any room look well travelled and add more than one conversation piece.

Emily Griffin with Steven and Chris


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