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Decor Tips From the S&C Set


It's so nice to come to work every day to a set that truly feels like home. And we're not the only ones smitten: Not a taping goes by that someone from our studio audience doesn't ask where to get one item or another or compliment its good looks. But we can't take all the credit. Senior designer Liz Wharnsby is the true visionary behind Studio 65's signature style.

Herein, she explains how to capture the look of the S&C set in your home.

Bookshelf Basics

Bookshelf on Steven and Chris set.

  • When styling a bookshelf, give each shelf its own personality by incorporating layers of books, decorative pieces and your favourite artwork.
  • There's no need for symmetry. The trick is to arrange items in such a way that they draw your eye from one shelf to the next. No one thing should pop out.
  • Don't feel as if you have to stack all your books the same way. Stack books both horizontally and vertically to create interest.
  • If you have a unit that allows for flexibility in shelf height, feel free to mix it up. Not every shelf has to be 12 inches tall. Measure the height and width of each shelf according to the pieces you want to store.
  • To really make your shelf pop, pick a colour you love and use it as an accent. We dispersed orange vases across our shelves, which move the eye across the vignette.
  • Our bookshelf was made for TV, which is why it's backlit. But that's not to say you can't create your own lighting effect at home. Install tiny puck lights on your shelves for a homey glow.

Get the Look: artwork, Custom Art Concepts; vases and decorative items, at HomeSense; books, at Indigo.

Keys to a Clutter-Free Console

Console table on Steven and Chris set.

  • The multi-purpose console can work anywhere in your home—from a front hall entrance to a living room to a bedroom.
  • If your space has baseboards, a chair rail and/or crown moulding (like our studio), purchase a solid, closed console so that it doesn't fight with whatever design element is going on behind it.
  • When dressing your console, think texture. Use pieces of varying heights—even stacking books beneath to add dimension—and materials. We love our chrome trophy-style lamp, which reflects the light and colour of the room.
  • Whether your tastes are modern, contemporary or traditional, make sure the console you choose offers plenty of storage. Our large unit is made from reclaimed exotic wood, which creates a warm, travelled look, which contrasts well with the grey walls.

Get the Look: Witching Hour (2120-30), Whale Gray (2134-40) and Stone White (2120-70) paints, Benjamin Moore; console, Greentea Design; lamp, Hardware Interiors; flowers, Quince Flowers; books, at Indigo; Circlet Stand sculpture, Crate & Barrel; boxes, Steven and Chris.

Inspiration Wall 101

Inspiration wall on Steven and Chris set.

  • Everyone needs an inspiration wall. Ours displays magazine clippings, sketches, paint colours and fabric samples that caught our eye.
  • Not surprisingly, our inspiration wall has a decorating bent, but that doesn't mean yours has to. Maybe you want to display your favourite travel photos, a recipe to-do list or your children's artwork.
  • Start your inspiration wall with magnetic chalkboard paint. Note: The more coats you apply, the stronger its magnetism will be. And don't forget to pick up some chalk in your colour of choice!
  • Use fun, playful magnets to accessorize your wall. And don't limit yourself in terms of what you display. We even hung some bright, bold shopping bags and tassels—whatever inspires you!
  • An inspiration wall can work anywhere in your home: in your office, craft room or children's playroom.

Get the Look: Studio Finishes Chalkboard (307) paint, Benjamin Moore; console, Greentea Design; boxes, West Elm; silver tray, plant pot and chandelier print, at HomeSense.

Tasteful Kitchen Tips

Decor elements of the S&C set kitchen.

  • A coloured glass-tile backsplash like ours is simple but adds interest. Natural stone or subway tiles are also great options.
  • Herbs and flowers are a quick way to add a pop of colour and freshness to the space. It's like bringing the garden inside!
  • Kitchens need art, too! Don't forget to bring in framed art and sculptural elements along with the countertop appliances.
  • The S&C kitchen counter is made of Caesarstone, which is extremely solid, practical and durable.

Get the Look: white bowls, Boo Boo & Lefty; Monogrammed mugs, Anthropologie; artwork, Custom Art Concepts; vase (top shelf), HomeSense; wooden spheres and boxes, West Elm; artwork stands and green vase, Crate & Barrel; books and brown boxes (on counter), at Indigo; white pots, Ikea.


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