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Genevieve Gorder: Home for the Holidays


Christmas can be overwhelming, but host and designer Genevieve Gorder has great tips to make it simple and stunning.

Genevieve Gorder: Home for the Holidays

Above: rug, picture frames, egg accessories, giraffe, candle sticks, Artifacts; pitcher, tree, skirt, Loblaws; fireplace, Fireplace Concepts; chair, Cornerstone Antiques; blanket, The Bay; tree ornaments, West Elm; tree ornaments, Love The Design; moss, Michaels; large candle stick, large mirror, lanterns, HomeSense; small decorative mirror, Haven Furnishings

The Mantle

Genevieve Gorder: Home for the Holidays

The mantle is a completely overlooked and underutilized surface area for the majority of the year, but during the holidays, it is time to recognize this star player. Genevieve likes to skip the overly traditional approach and go for a chic but sweet style.

What's predictable about the mantle is the overly symmetrical. Try to keep it varied with highs and lows but create some asymmetry and let the eye move with your design.

The Tree

Genevieve Gorder: Home for the Holidays

The tree is one big piece of celebratory sculpture. The sentimental should always be honoured but so should the tree itself. Bring in some mementos from time past and but also bring back the woodlands to your lonely little tree.

Homemade is the only way to go for Christmas. Handcrafted and sweet speaks to everyone and adds that extra layer of emotion that every holiday space needs.

Simple Steps for the Perfect Tree

1. Start with the lights. Light the tree from the inside dark branches out. This is integral for anyone seeing all of the work you put into the ornaments. Work your lights!

2. Next, with your moss, go in and create little nests of moss. Here Genevieve wants you to bring nature back into the space!

3. Now, start planting your families onto your nests; birds, chipmunks, and groups of eggs are all things Genevieve likes to see in the tree.

4. Weave a ribbon around the tree as your garland. This will help fill out the space and add another layer of texture or pattern to your tree.

5. Once you've planted the woodland layer it's time to work your way out to the tips, nostalgic black and white photos, sentimental items and the initials of all those in the household are great to add some personal elements to the tree.

Genevieve Gorder: Home for the Holidays


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