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Garage Organization Tips

Our weekend warrior, Melissa Coghlan, shares her top five tips for organizing your garage.


Above: Lichen (SR48) paint, Sarah Richardson Designer Palette by Para Paints; painting supplies, Canadian Tire; storage bins, pantry cupboard and wall racks, Home Depot.

1. Cut the clutter!

Purge. The garage is too often a dumping ground for items that we no longer need but just can't bear to dispose of. Be honest with yourself and donate, recycle or safely dispose of unneccessary items that are taking up valuable space.

2. Categorize to organize.

Take stock of your garage stores and make a plan. Frequently used items should be the most accessible. Heavy-duty open-storage shelving units are a garage's best friend. Group items according to category (e.g. lawn, car care) and store them in labeled bins. Overhead storage compartments are ideal for seasonal furniture, holiday decorations, etc. that you don't need to access as often.

3. Make garbage and recycling accessible.

Most of us deal with garbage and recycling on a daily basis, so why not make it as easy as possible? Save time and headaches with a recycling-bin dolly ($25, Canadian Tire). Slide your bins in place and park it in your garage. On recycling day, simply wheel it to the curb!

4. Climb the walls.

Install a rack system to hang shovels, rakes, ladders, hedge-trimmers, etc. The key is to get items up off the floor so they don't rust, collect dust or create clutter.

5. Update your garage-door opener.

A new opener won't make your garage neater but it will sure make your life easier, which, at the end of the day, is what organization is all about! If you've got an old machine that's still grinding its way through its daily duties, you may not only be waking the neighbours, but also missing out on some of the safety and security features offered by newer models, such as the Genie Chainlift 800 Plus ($260, Canadian Tire).


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