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Furniture Real or Deal?

There's no reason to pay an exorbitant price for a piece that you can get at a fraction of the cost. Maureen Welch shows us a beautifully decorated room combining real designer items worth thousands, and great knock off a fraction of the cost.

Furniture Real or Deal?

The Barcelona chair

It's real! Found at Design Within Reach, the Barcelon chair was originally designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929 and is now produced by Knoll. Originals with stool have fetched up to $21,000 at auction and have original cushions that are filled with horse hair.

Knock offs can be found for a very low price, but you want to be sure the stitching and faux leather are decent quality.

The Persian rug

It's real! The rug was found at Elte. This is a Heriz rug. It is a Persian rug that is manufactured in the Heriz region of northwest Iran and will only get more beautiful with age.

Furniture Real or Deal?

The Platner coffee table (left)

It's a deal! This piece was found at Elte and is a fantastic replica. The design is bang on and the piece is sturdy with a great heavy duty piece of beveled glass. The original Platner table was designed by Waren Platner in 1968, and is now in the permanent design collection at the MOMA in NYC.

The Eames walnut stool by Ray Eames for Herman Miller (right)

It's real! With that said, it is not made as well as it once was. So if you can, invest in a vintage original constructed out of one piece of solid lathe-turned walnut.

Furniture Real or Deal?

The Arco floor lamp

It's a deal! This piece was found on Overstock.com and was a great deal. With that said, it's not a good knock off. Not all knock offs are created equal and this one is very flimsy and tipsy. The original was created for Flos in 1962 and has an Italian Carrera marble base that weighs 143 pounds!

Furniture Real or Deal?

The Eileen Gray table

It's a deal! This table is from Canadian Tire. It's a fantastic replica and is very inexpensive. The original piece was created in 1927 by Irish artist, furniture designer and architect, Eileen Gray.

Furniture Real or Deal?

Finally, we found the sofa at EQ3.


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