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Fun, Girly Living Room

Your living space should be a reflection of who you are, regardless of your personality. Here are some ideas for a fun, girly, yet sophisticated living room.

Fun, Girly Living Room

Above: wallpaper, Osbourne and Little; velvet couch, coffee table, chrome stumps, side table, fur cushion, Up Country; side chairs, mirrored prints, Elte; standing lamp, table lamp, accessories, blue cushions, Artifacts; metallic cushions, fur cushion, West Elm; feather pendant, Snob; rug, W Studio


Choose wallpaper that has a soft and feminine quality as it really sets the tone for the room. Gold and silver tones really up the level of glamour so look for a paper that has those elements as well.


Just because you want your living room to be feminine doesn't mean it can't have color. The couch we've used is a great example of this. It's a bold jewel tone navy blue. This colour is very rich and glamorous. The fabric of the couch just adds to that glamour as it is velvet.

Fun, Girly Living Room

Coffee Table

In a space like this you always want to incorporate some sparkle. Using a glass coffee table keeps the room light. The reflection from the glass will add that sparkle.


To emphasize the femininity of your space, choose chairs with curved backs that are light-coloured to balance out the jewel tone of the sofa. Soft lines are essential in a feminine space, especially if you're not working with specifically 'feminine' colours.

Fun, Girly Living Room

Unique Touches

The end tables in a space like this should ber anything but ordinary if possible. We love the idea of having something one-of-a kind, and stumps that are chrome plated are just that. The surface area makes them totally functional, and the organic shape keeps them interesting.

Table Lamps

The lighting should further enhance your style. Choose ones that have great visual interest and add a bit of whimsy and softness to the room.


Pieces of photography can add some real sparkle to the space when framed with mirrored frame. They will just add a reflective quality to the room and the photos can tell a story about who you are.

Fun, Girly Living Room


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