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Four Ways to Achieve Rustic Chic

Achieving a rustic chic look is all about balance between raw, rough design elements and sleek, smooth components. Maintaining the right push and pull is important, so your room is not too urban and not too cabin-oriented. Here are four tips to help you marry the looks together.


Above: Belgian tufted bed frame, faux fur blanket and pillows, Up Country; bedside tables, bedding, Au Lit;
Beesthorpe ceiling light, linen bench, chair, Elte; Twig side table, tray, throw pillows, horn candle holders, Artifacts; lamps, accessories, Homesense; beveled glass photo easels (silver), beveled horn frames (brown), mini beveled horn frames, area rug, W studio

1. Pick a "new" neutral for the wall color. Choose something earthy, but don't be afraid to pick a colour that isn't grey or brown. We've picked this great warm purple, "Warm Blanket" from Para paints which creates the perfect setting for "Rustic Chic."

2. Choose worn finishes in the furniture pieces. Here we took bedside tables with a worn finish and a chandelier with wood and metal that give a natural feel. The raw nail-head detail in the linen bed also adds that rustic touch.

3. Mix metals in the accessories you add. This is where the chic comes in. It will really add that sparkle and balance to the wood pieces.

4. Finish the space by layering in accessories with animal influences. Faux fur throws and pillows are always fun and create that feeling of luxury. The addition of the ceramic deer head vase and horn candle-holders and frames complete the look.


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