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Five Tips to Create a Great Room

The term great room refers to a common room that combines the functions of a family room, living room, and study. Typically in the centre of the house with raised ceilings, these great rooms are often a challenge to decorate. Here are five tips on how to fill these wide open spaces and make your great room truly great.

Five Tips to Create a Great Room

Above: sofa, occasional chairs, coffee table, end tables, cushions, Steven and Chris by Decorest provided by Zilli Home; table lamps, accessories, desk, desk chair, Zilli Home; black rope cushion, orange cushions, coral, Homesense; books, Indigo; photographs on either side of art, Art Interiors; recessed panel moulding, Elite Trimworks; rug, W Studio; paint, Farrow and ball; grasscloth wallpaper, Primetime paints

1. Start with your walls

Large walls can get boring, so activate them with recessed panel moulding. By having the moulding at a higher level it draws the eye up making the ceiling seem visually higher and the room grander. To maximize visual interest, paint them out in a non-traditional color and add grass-cloth like we did which really makes a statement.

2. Rethink common furniture plans

Don't be afraid to pull your furniture off the walls. There are usually multiple entries to great rooms so create groupings that still allow for ease of traffic flow. The number of groupings is dependent on the size of the room so adjust accordingly. Remember if you do have multiple zones, each one needs to be defined by an area rug.

Five Tips to Create a Great Room

3. Choose size appropriate pieces

Scale and balance is key in over-sized rooms. A great room deserves great pieces of furniture that are appropriate to its size. Make sure to anchor the floating pieces with other pieces of furniture like we did with the writing desk behind the sofa. Similarly, the accent chairs could have been placed on their own, but they were extended with an occasional table to balance out the couch and side table across the way.

4. Add many layers of interest

Play with many textures and tones of colour to add layers and interest. Here we have used grass cloth, recessed panel molding, and patterned chairs. In a large space you really need to have moments of high impact pattern or color in order to keep your eye moving around the space.

5.Keep metals consistent

We don't usually say this, but in rooms this size you need to have at least one constant thread throughout the entire space. By keeping the metal finishes the same you will achieve this.


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