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Fireplace Mantles

Watch this segment in episode 137 now.

Senior Design Editor of Style at Home magazine, Margot Austin, showed the boys
  • How to choose a mantel that suits your home.
  • How to decorate a mantel.

When choosing the right fireplace mantel for your home consider:

  • The era your home was built.
  • The architectural style of your home.
  • The size of the room and the wall it will go on.
  • Whether the room is open concept, has high ceilings, etc.
  • Do you want to add built-ins for storage?
  • The style of the existing mouldings in your home.
  • Do you want it to be the focal point or blend seamlessly?
  • The style of your furnishings.

Decorating the mantel:

  • As a general rule of thumb, the art should not be bigger than the opening for the fireplace box.
  • Mirrors and art should be leaned against the wall or hung low - about 2 inches above mantel so that it still reads as one unit. It should also not surpass the width mantel.
  • Change the arrangement and accessories seasonally.
  • Consider colour or work with a monotone palette.
  • Vary textures and materials.
  • A traditional approach may include 'story telling' - create vignettes, layer, display, groupings, use objects with weight and balance .
  • A TV -  some love it above the fireplace, some don't. (Margot does not!). Two-way mirrors now hung over the TV makes it look like a mirror when it's off (two-way mirror produced by Seura.)

Dressing the perfectly layered mantel:
  • something old
  • something new
  • something natural (ex: a shell, horn, bird's nest, rock crystal)
  • something cheap
  • something dear (not necessarily expensive just of fine quality)
  • something whimsical or unexpected (ex: jewelry)
  • repeat shapes/materials

The fireplace featured in this segment is from Dimplex Heating and Fireplaces. The Sussex Fireplace (electric, with remote control, 54" wide x 48 high x 18 deep) was given away to a lucky audience member. It can be installed anywhere by simply plugging it in. It operates with or without heat and has safe to touch glass.


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