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Festive Deer DIY


Get that rustic holiday cabin look with your very own wall-mounted deer head, made of cardboard and art supplies. We'll help you do it in festive style with this very simple holiday DIY that the kids can help with.

Festive Deer DIY


Deer Head Template - Download Now
Foam Core/Cardboard
Spray Glue
Vintage Wrapping Paper
Spray Glue

Utility Knife


1. Download, print and cut out the template on your home printer. We will make all the templates available on our website.

2. Once you've cut out the template trace the image onto foam core or cardboard.

3. Carefully cut out each of the pieces using a utility knife.

4. Find some great vintage wallpaper or cool wrapping paper. Spray glue the wallpaper onto the pieces of foamcore.

5. Carefully fit all the pieces together, mount on the wall, and you're done. Show off your trophy deer head for years to come.

Festive Deer DIY


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