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Feng Shui Faux Pas

Reengergize your space (and your chi) with these clutter-busting tips from feng shui expert Laura Morris.


Above, from left: Indian White (OC-88) paint, Benjamin Moore; bookshelves, books and accessories (after), all Green Tea Design; Jute Chenille Herringbone rug, Sweep upholstered armchair and Sphere table lamp, all West Elm.

1. Dark, Uninviting Corners

Solution: Add a lamp to light the space for an instant energy boost.

2. Books, Books and More Dusty Books

(Not to mention those piles of old newspapers and magazines!) Solution: Restyle the bookcase. Lighten its load (read: purge!) and add meaningful items to your shelves to make them feel beautiful.

3. Dead (or Dying) Plants and Flowers

Solution: Clear out the dead plants and replace with fresh, lively greenery and flowers. (Tip: Jade plants are thought to bring prosperity into the home.)

4. Unwelcoming Vibe

Solution: Improve the overall look of the space and make it more welcoming with items such as a cozy throw, gorgeous carpet or brightly coloured pillow.

5. Art-less Wonder

Solution: Art is meant to be displayed! Hang your collection to add beauty and inspiration to your space.

laura_morris_bio_feng_faux_pas.jpgLaura Morris is a certified feng shui consultant and interior decorator, who works to help her clients achieve harmony and balance at home and at work. She focusses on three key areas: enhancing the flow of chi, balancing the five elements and activating the areas of the home that represent wealth, career and relationships.


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