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Fabulous Flower Arrangements

Three fab flower arrangements you can make at home!


1. The Bouquet Booster

Your average supermarket bouquet gets a boost in this simple yet gorgeous grouping.

supermarket bouquet
6-8 milk glass vases
square piece of mirrored glass (approx. 12 in. by 12 in.)

  1. Deconstruct bouquet and separate flowers by type and colour to give yourself a better sense of what you're working with.
  2. Group vases in table's centre on mirrored glass. (The mirror's reflection will give the illusion of a fuller arrangement.)
  3. Place single or multiple stems of the same flower in each vase, making sure to break up colours, and ta-da! From store-bought to stunner!

2. Fit to Be Tied

A French bouquet sounds fancy, but the truth is, this hand-tied bundle couldn't be easier to make!

6-8 bunches roses, in various colours
florist's tape
fishbowl vase

  1. Make sure roses are open. Remove leaves and thorns from stems.
  2. Start with one stem. Surround with three more to create a mini bouquet.
  3. Surround mini bouquet with five more stems, then seven, then nine, and so on, until you run out of roses. You should be left with a lush, full bouquet.
  4. Tie with florist's tape and cut stems so they're all the same length.
  5. Place bouquet in fishbowl filled with lukewarm water (enough to cover stems).

3. Towering Topiary

This sophisticated amaryllis "tree" is the perfect way to finish off a table for a special occasion.

large cylindrical vase
banana leaf
floral foam, soaked
7 white amaryllis heads
few bunches of skimmia

  1. Wrap inside of vase with banana leaf.
  2. Place your soaked floral foam into vase.
  3. Create holes in top of foam using your finger. Insert amaryllis stems until they stand on their own.
  4. Tie stems together just below blooms.
  5. Create a collar around stems' base with bunches of skimmia.


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