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Exterior Paint Primer

Whether your home's exterior is dark or light, modern or traditional, we've got the perfect pallette for your front stoop.

Red Brick (Contemporary)


  1. Pebble Drift (A1378)
  2. White on White (A0148)
  3. Swiss White (A1940)
  4. Frost Grey (A1942)
  5. Wirework Grey (A1944)

Above: all ICI Paints.

Red Brick (Traditional)


  1. Georgian Brick (HC-50)
  2. Simply White (OC-117)
  3. Jute (AF-80)
  4. Whitall Brown (HC-69)
  5. Bittersweet Chocolate (2114-10)

Above: all Benjamin Moore.

Light Brick (Modern)


  1. Red Gumball (233-7)
  2. Delicate White (518-1)
  3. Dusty Miller (506-3)
  4. Steel City (506-4)
  5. Distant Thunder (506-5)

Above: all Pittsburgh Paints.

Light Brick (Heritage)


  1. Garden Party (P5037-850)
  2. Afterglow (P5215-24)
  3. Urban Getaway (P5215-51)
  4. Dead Sea Wrap (P5215-83D)
  5. Coffee Grinds (P5239-85)

Above: all Para Paints.


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