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7 Ways to Enjoy Gardening Season


Warm weather has sprung this year which means it’s time to get planting! Whether you use your garden as a source of food or for decoration, spending time outside is beneficial to your health. Just about anyone can grow a green thumb — make this season the year you grow yours!




Gardening on Your Balcony

Want to garden but live in a condominium or building? You don’t have to miss out on the joys of gardening! Try out this simple “Salad Bowl” mini-garden that can be harvested all season long.

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Planting an Edible Garden with Kids

Don’t hog all the gardening fun — let your kids join in! CBC Parents has great ideas for introducing the young ones to the green world of gardening.

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Working Out While Gardening

Try double duty and turn gardening into a workout! Engage your core while attending to your flowers to burn up to 210 calories and tone your muscles.

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Grow Your Own Roses

Beautiful roses may be tricky to grow but the results are breathtaking. BC Almanac’s gardening expert Brian Minter shared three rose-growing tips to help all gardeners — even the experienced ones — grow these buds of beauty. If you decide to cut the roses and bring them indoors, we’ve got useful tips to help prolong their lives.

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Easy Homemade Garden Solutions

Have pesky insects, snails or mildew? Try natural homemade gardening solutions to protect your plants!

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Use Soap

Need to get something quick done in the garden but don't have your gardening gloves handy? Keep soil out of your fingernails by rubbing a dry bar of soap on and under the tips before you go out!

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DIY Geometric Planter

If you’re proud of the beautiful plants you’ve grown, why not bring them inside your space? Create a DIY modern and elegant geometric planter easily with these steps-by-step instructions.

:::DIY geometric planter:::
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