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Elevate Your Space with Texture

If you're looking for new and interesting ways to spruce up your decor, designer Michelle Mawby shows us how to use texture to transform your space.

How to use texture to elevate your space

Sources: furniture and accessories by Casa Life; rug by Urban Barn

Buy Neutral, Quality Foundation Pieces

Buy Neutral, Quality Foundation Pieces

Go neutral with your investment pieces (sofa, chairs). Neutrals can be decorated with different colours and trends as they come and go. Don't feel that you have to match your neutrals or buy sets. Choose greys for a contemporary look and beiges/off-whites for more traditional looks.

Add Monochromatic Textures

Add monochromatic textures

Work within the same colour palette with your textured pieces and not one dominant colour. The monochromatic textures are reflected in the patterned pieces and different materials in this living room vignette.

Play with Pattern

Play with pattern

Add multiple patterns to create tension. The unexpected pairing of pattern with work when they are in the same tone. Bold patterns give space interest despite being all the same colour but avoid too much of the same pattern. The writing on the rug in the vignette adds interest and fluid movement.

Layer Metallics

Layer Metallics

Metallics add yet another layer of texture. They can also add warmth as seen with the bowls, candle holders, wallpaper and art in the vignette. You don't have to match your metallics. Metallics with imperfection in the metal work can also inject a handmade feel that can elevate the look while maintaing a casual feel.

Bring in Natural Elements

Bring in natural elements

Natural elements take the monotony out of harsh straight lines. The stone on the side tables, wood on the coffee table and natural fibres all add a very organic feeling to this contemporary living room vignette.

Michelle Mawby with Steven and Chris


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