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Elevate Your Space for Less

So you've "shopped your own home" and want to take the next step to refreshing your space without breaking the bank? Here are Andrika's top tips on how to elevate your space for $500 or less.

Elevate Your Space for Less

1. Change Up Your Paint, $25 - $50

Painting is a fool-proof way of adding more personality into your home. It can transform any space and it can be as simple as painting out a door, a buffet or chairs, or the entire room.

2. Break Out New Accessories, $50 - $100

Even adding small accessories can make a big difference. Buy a few beautiful books and display them on a coffee table. Or add new throw pillows on a couch, or a new blanket at the foot of a bed.

3. Add New Textiles, $100 - $250

If you have a chair and love its shape but not the fabric, consider upholstery as your next step. You can buy fabric and easily upholster dining room chairs yourself (with a staple gun) or seek professional help. Even curtains can dramatically enhance a space.

A new rug can change the look of a room in the most dramatic ways. Try adding a rug with a modern print into a traditional room or a Persian rug to add warmth & texture - you won't believe the difference it makes.

4. Switch Up Your Lighting, $250 - $500

Ask any designer - lighting a room properly instantly makes it look more appealing. Plus, it sets the mood and can accent your most prized possessions.

Replacing your existing light over the dining room table can create a warm and inviting space while adding accent lighting over your bookcase or artwork can really highlight special items.


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