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Eggcellent DIY Easter Eggs


Easter is coming up and we wanted to share some fun and unique ideas that put a twist on the usual dyed Easter eggs.


First: How to Blow Out Eggs

  1. Wash eggs in warm water first.
  2. Stabilize the egg on something like an egg cup.
  3. Use a nail to push small hole in top, then use a toothpick to break up the yolk inside.
  4. Flip the egg upside down and do the same to the bottom.
  5. Next, you can either use your mouth or a straw (if you're afraid of raw eggs) and blow through the top hole to filter out egg out the bottom hole.
  6. Rinse with warm water and let dry.

green dyed eggs in a tall glass vase

Ombré Eggs

We used a dozen eggs to achieve this look in a long glass vase.

  1. Gather 6 different bowls and combine 2 cups of boiling water with 4 teaspoons of white vinegar in each one.
  2. In the first bowl, add 2 drops of food colouring, then 6 drops in the next, 10 in the third, 20 in the fourth, 45 in the fifth and finally 60 in the last bowl.
  3. Place two blown out eggs in each bowl. You can use hardboiled eggs but they don’t last as long.
  4. Steep all eggs for 5 minutes.
  5. Remove and let dry.
  6. Place in a glass vase from darkest to lightest to show-off the ombré effect!

Chicken eggs decorated to look like Robin eggs.

Robin Eggs

This is similar to how we dyed the ombré eggs, but you will want to dye your eggs a light blue.

  1. Use 1 cup of hot water and 2 teaspoons of white vinegar for each egg you wish to dye. Then add about 10 drops of blue food colouring and 2 drops of green for a bit of a turquoise colour.
  2. Steep for 5 minutes. If the desired colour isn't achieved just yet, drop in for another couple of minutes.
  3. Remove and let dry completely.
  4. Use a toothbrush with black and white paint and lightly speckle the eggs with drips of paint.
  5. Let them dry again and style in a DIY moss nest or a decorative bowl!

An egg hollowed out and decorated to make a mini flower vase.

Mini Egg Vase

Take your dye job one step further and create these mini vases! This is great if you have a colour theme picked out for a table or you know which flowers you're going to use.

  1. Follow the same dyeing steps as the robin eggs (change the colour if desired).
  2. After your egg is dried, place it in an egg cup and just lightly chip away the top to create a wider opening. You can use a spoon to help you crack it but be careful!
  3. Arrange your flowers on the inside. If you want to make them last a little longer, don't fill the egg with water but put a damp piece of floral foam inside and poke the flowers through.

Eggs decorated with tiny white pears and buttons.

Pearls and Lace

If dying eggs is not your thing, then grab a glue gun, lace and some pearls from the craft store! This one is super simple to do, and again, if you gather your materials in all whites, it's really nice because it looks like a natural egg but with beautiful texture!

Glue and wrap your materials around the egg in a circular motion, from the top down.

paper maché eggs

Ribbon / Japanese Paper Mod Podge

  1. Pick up all different colours of Japanese or washi paper.
  2. Create a Mod Podge mix with water in a bowl.
  3. Carefully paint a very thin layer of Mod Podge onto your egg.
  4. Cut your pieces of paper into thin rectangles for easy application.
  5. Paint thin layers of mod Podge on top of the paper to seal (think paper mâché).
  6. Let dry.

eggs decorated with black sharpie drawings

Sharpie Eggs

This is the most simple, yet it is so edgy and graphic!

  1. Grab a black marker and go wild with patterns.
  2. Create different ones for your collection.
  3. Display in a cool, modern brass bowl or box for a trendy look.


Video: DIY Easter Eggs

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