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Easy Halloween Door Decor


Need some inspiration to dress up your front door for Halloween? All you need is some basic items found around your home or the dollar store and a little elbow grease and you too can do a quick makeover before the first trick-or-treater comes knocking!

Easy Halloween Door Decor

Five-Eyed Monster


Brown paper bags (can use yard waste bags, lunch bags, even cardboard!)
Measuring stick
Red Bristol board
Black Bristol board
Green Bristol board
White paper plates
Masking tape

  1. Unfold paper bags and lay flat – make sure you have enough to cover the whole door
  2. Measure the door and cut the paper bags to fit doorframe
  3. Tape up black Bristol board where you want the eyes to go
  4. Tape up the red Bristol board where you want the mouth to go
  5. Tape the paper bags together and make sure to cut out a section for the mouth and eyes
  6. Attach paper bags to the door and leave a space around the edges so you can open the door without damaging the paper
  7. Take paper plates and add to eye cut outs – glue or tape in place
  8. Create pupils by making small circles with leftover green and red Bristol board and glue to paper plates
  9. Add teeth by cutting out funny shapes from paper plates
  10. Add a tongue using black Bristol board
  11. Give your monster a brow or silly looking hair with leftover black Bristol board pieces!

Scary Pumpkin


Orange Crepe Paper
Black Bristol board
Masking Tape

  1. Wrap orange crepe paper around door and make sure you make some fun zig-zag patterns to add interest
  2. Take your black Bristol board and cut out a scary pumpkin face
  3. Attach with tape & step back to admire your spooky pumpkin door!

Spooky Mirror


Black ribbon
Black spray paint

  1. Spray paint the mirror, leaves and branches black – let dry for an hour
  2. Stick branches and leaves onto mirror in a creative way
  3. Note: If your mirror doesn’t have detailing you can use spray glue to get everything into place
  4. Hang mirror to door using black ribbon
  5. Voila – you have created a beautiful spooky mirror!


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