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East-Coast Fresh Den

In many of our homes, space is at a premium, so the more you can condense into one room the better. These days you can find some excellent ways to make a room multi-functional. Deb Nelson shows us how to achieve it with a fresh east coast flair.

East-Coast Fresh Den

Above: industrial task table lamp, industrial task floor lamp, textured white side table, Emmerson dining bench, white collaged art, glass terrarium and wood base in tapered or ball top, chunky tassel throw in white, white hive vase in short/wide, Teatime Stripe pillow cover, Happy Stripe pillow cover, Solid Silk Hand Loomed pillow cover in cantaloupe, assorted baskets, West Elm; Ektorp sofa bed in blekinge white, Ektorp chair, Egeby rug, Micke work station, Sigurd chair, Ikea

No matter your situation, your main priority is to figure out what you're going to use the space for most. Create the room around this need. For example, do you need a spare room for guests, a TV room, an office, or more storage space? In this case, we're assuming it's for someone who needs a spare room for occasional guests, an office and TV room.

Traditionally we think of white and blue as an east coast look, but it can also add a fresh, new updated spring twist.

Sofa Bed

When a room needs to accommodate guests a sofa bed is a great option. It's got two uses (sofa and/or bed) and the slipcover doesn't have to be completely removed to open the bed! As people are afraid of white, it's easy to throw in the wash and you can add a little bleach if you have a stain. If you have a small spare rooms consider putting this in and creating a cozy den that does double duty as a bedroom. And white is always a fresh place to start. The contrast of anything white with the rug and pillows next to it have a casual, east coast vibe.

Matching Chair

It's always nice to have a chair match the sofa in a small room like a den. Whether you have guests or friends over, to have extra comfy seating it's good to have an extra chair. Use a slipcover so it can be washed or changed to another colour to match or contrast with the sofa.

East-Coast Fresh Den

Work Station

This work station is compact and you can use it to sit and work. The board behind is magnetic so you can stick notes on it for your guest. Or you can use the white board to write on. The open shelves allow you to display some books or attractive decorative items. You could even put a small plasma screen TV here.

Desk Chair

You can use this chair for extra seating, or your overnight guest can lay their clothes or suitcase on it.

Coffee Table

This is a dining table bench but it works great as a coffee table. If you have extra guests for dinner and can use this for extra seating. With the sofa bed in there, you want to make sure the coffee table is easy to move.

Bedside Table

This white textured side table looks excellent in here, but it can also be used as an outdoor on a porch. It has a rustic textured look, very modern country in style and look. Because it's white and its shape it has an east coast feel.

Sisal Rug

A natural sisal rug adds texture. This is an inexpensive rug option that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. This style of rug works great with the contrast of the white sofa. It is durable and the texture of this rug works with almost any flooring.

East-Coast Fresh Den


Art and Lamps

The simple white artwork and polished nickel lamps really pull this den together. These aren't expensive accessories and they add the perfect finishing touches.


These large baskets are great for your den/guest room. They allow you to place items your guests might need. A stack of white towels, an extra blanket, or a stack of magazines. It's nice to leave all these things out for your guest so they have everything they need at their finger tips.


These soft muted colors are pretty but not too pretty. They really pop off the white, especially the cantaloupe colour, and the stripe adds an east coast preppy vibe. These colors are fresh for spring.

Guest Additions

Also remember to add small handy touches for your guests: an alarm clock, a water carafe and glass on the bedside table, a radio or speaker, maybe even a tooth brush and pair of slippers. Your guests will notice that you've thought of everything!

East-Coast Fresh Den


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