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Festive DIY Wreaths


Don't let your front entry experience the winter blues; jazz it up with one of these three beautiful and inexpensive DIY wreaths.

Laurel Leaf Wreath

wire cutters
prefabricated pine wreath
2 moss sheets
hot-glue gun
pine bundle
decorative accents (pine cones, magnolia leaves, etc.)
traditional holiday ornaments


  1. Using wire cutters, cut metal frame on wreath and remove support from one end.
  2. Bend metal frame to achieve a laurel-leaf shape.
  3. To create the bow, fold one sheet of moss in half horizontally and glue together so you're left with a long skinny strip of double-sided moss. From there, loop each end into the middle and secure with a second, thinner piece of moss. Finally, attach tails for bow with hot glue.
  4. Add extra sprigs of pine from your bundle to fill in any bare holes or blank spots. You will need to use wire to secure the pieces to the wreath.
  5. Secure bow and decorative accents to bottom of "laurel leaf" to complete the look.

Birds on a Wire Wreath

cedar garland
tree branch
bird ornaments
hot-glue gun
pine cones
artificial flowers
burlap bow


  1. Unwind cedar garland and re-roll it to desired size.
  2. Use wire to secure garland pieces together. (We used two full-length garland bundles to create this wreath.)
  3. Now, find a discarded twig and use rope to create bird swing. You may need to wrap rope around branch a number of times to keep it secure.
  4. Glue two bird ornaments to branch and secure swing to top of wreath so it hangs in the middle.
  5. Adorn top of wreath with pine cones and artificial flowers. For added interest, finish it off with a burlap bow!

Modern Romance Wreath

white felt
hot-glue gun
grapevine wreath
frosty white ornaments


  1. First, create your roses. (We used 38 roses for a 24-in. wreath.)
  2. Tear a 2- x 12-in. piece of fabric and fold it in half horizontally. (You should now have a 1- x 12-in. piece with one clean edge.)
  3. Dot glue in one of the clean corners of your fabric. (This will be the centre of your rose.) Loosely wrap the fabric around itself, gluing it every so often to secure the layers.
  4. Finish off bottom of your roses with any excess material for a clean and crisp look.
  5. Once you have created all of your roses, glue them to grapevine wreath with hot-glue gun.
  6. Finally, glue frosty white ornaments in a cluster at bottom of wreath to create a fun and whimsical winter scene. We used owl toys and frosty tree decorations, but anything will do—use your imagination!

All the products used to create these wreaths are purchased at Walmart.



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