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DIY White Christmas


Dreaming of a white Christmas? Inspired by the classic snow globe, this holiday winterscape will add some seasonal sparkle and shimmer to any contemporary space—no matter the weather!

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small, inexpensive evergreen trees or clippings
spray snow
battery-operated twinkle lights
cylindrical vases of varying size
white sand or fake snow
small twigs and branches


  1. Spray trees/greenery with canned spray snow.
  2. While snow is still wet, sprinkle with glitter and/or sparkling snowflakes.
  3. Once snow is thoroughly dry, string twinkle lights around trees and place each shrub in a large cylindrical vase.
  4. Pour in white sand to secure trees in place.
  5. Once again, sprinkle with glitter or sparkling snow.
  6. Surround each tree with twigs and smaller trees to create a layered look.
  7. Display on console or dining table for great impact.


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