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DIY Wall Art that Makes a Statement


Do it yourself art is a great way to create inexpensive art for your home and still make a statement.

Gold Birds Flocking

DIY Wall Art: Gold Birds Flocking


Large canvas *this is key to create “the flock”
Acrylic paint
Gold leaf
Spray glue
Bird image printout

  1. Choose a large canvas.
  2. Start by washing your canvas in a watered down and soft acrylic colour.
  3. Print and cut out bird images on regular printer paper.
  4. Trace the printout onto vellum, and cut out a silhouette stencil.
  5. Lay your silhouettes onto your canvas, planning a pattern.
  6. Spray glue inside your silhouette and add artificial gold leaf. Repeat.

Cocktail Umbrella Casscade

DIY Wall Art: Cocktail Umbrella Cascade


Canvas (tall or long work better)
Cocktail umbrellas
White high gloss spray paint
White acrylic paint
Hot glue gun
Neon paint

  1. Paint canvas white using acrylic paint, creating some texture.
  2. Lay your cocktail umbrellas out and spray paint them high gloss white.
  3. While drying, paint a neon stripe down your canvas and let dry.
  4. trim your umbrella sticks down and hot glue them onto the neon part of the canvas.
  5. Do not be afraid to overlap your umbrellas and let some colour through; this helps to create a unique pop of colour for visual interest.
  6. Let dry, laying flat for at least 12 hours before hanging.

Brass Skull

DIY Wall Art: Brass Skull


Black acrylic paint
Foam core
Brass thumbtacks
Skull template (download here)
Spray glue

  1. Spray glue a sheet of foam core to the back of your canvas. This will act as a pin cushion and reinforce your canvas.
  2. Download this amazing skull image. Print it out to the size of your canvas.
  3. Paint the canvas black using acrylic paint.
  4. Cut out your skull image and spray glue it to the front of your canvas.
  5. Start adding brass tacks, until the entire image is covered. Be sure to overlap so no paper shows through.


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