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DIY Sunburst Mirror


The sunburst that was once popular in the ‘70s is back in décor trend but can be costly. Steven shares a creative and inexpensive do-it-yourself sunburst mirror that will wow anyone who sees it.

image of a sunburst mirror hung on a wall

Step One

The first thing you need to do is make the frame of your mirror. To get the sunburst shape, cut two square pieces of Bristol board to the dimensions of 20x20 inches. Lay the squares on top of each other at opposite angles to achieve this star like shape and then glue them together.

Step Two

Get an ultra-thin piece of plywood and trace your star template on to your plywood and then cut the shape. Steven chose an ultra-thin piece because it can easily be cut by a utility knife, saving you the trouble of using a saw.

Step Three

The next step is to create the border for your mirror. Steven used a ceiling medallion that can be found at any big box hardware store. Trace the medallion on the centre of the star-cut plywood.

Then, spray the mirror metallic silver. This will add a bit of glamour to your mirror. To enhance the detailing further, Steven decided to add a silver leaf finish to the look.

Step Four

Buy many paint brushes of at least four different sizes — the amount of paint brushes you get depends on how crowded you want the mirror to be. Begin gluing your longer brushes to the plywood by following the traced circle. Continue gluing gradually smaller brushes until you get the desired look.

Step Five

The key element in a classic sunburst mirror is a concave mirror. These can be difficult to find and expensive to custom order but our tip is to find a blind spot mirror in the automotive section at your local hardware store. Make sure the mirror fits inside the hole of the medallion and glue it to the back of the medallion.

Step Six

Glue the mirror-medallion to spot made for it on the plywood. Wait for it to dry before hanging up on your wall.


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