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DIY Holiday Place Card Snow Globes


A fun DIY that serves a double purpose, these place card snow globes look great on your holiday dinner table, and make fantastic gifts for your guests!

DIY Holiday Place Card Snow Globes


Silicone glue
Small Holiday Décor Items
Small sisal trees
small plastic stars
Mason Jars
Acetate Paper
Oil based marker
Utility knife
Cutting mat
Glue gun


1. Using the mason jar, make a template on the foam. Cut out small foam pucks.

2. Score the inside of the lid with sandpaper.

3. Glue the styrofoam pucks to the lid and then glue the small holiday figurines and sisal trees.

4. Cut out a small piece of acetate and write your guests name on it.

5. Glue gun the acetate to a plastic star and the star to the tree.

6. Fill jar with water and a touch of glycerin.

7. Add glitter.

8. Insert the scene into the jar after it has set. We recommend 24 hours. Screw lid on tight and then turn upside dorm and shake.

DIY Holiday Place Card Snow Globes


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