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DIY Luggage Stand

Instead of a bedside table, equip your guest room with this multi-functional shabby chic luggage stand.

DIY Luggage Stand


2" x 2" x 30" pieces of wood
1" doweling
Decorative detail molding
2 ½" screws
Staple Gun
Felt pads

The Base

1. Cut 4 pieces of 2"x2" wood to 30 inch lengths.

2. Drill a 1 inch hole in the middle of all 4 pieces of 2" x 2" wood

3. Create two 'X' shapes with your pieces of wood and line up your holes in the center

4. With another piece of 2" x 2" wood secure the top left side of one 'X' to the top left side of the other. Similarly, secure another piece of 2" x 2" wood to the right hand side of either 'X'.

5. Run your dowel through the center holes connecting your structure together 6. Drill in a decorative knob to the end of your doweling to keep your 'X' shapes from slipping out either end.

7. Stand your 'X' pieces up with the brace pieces at the top

8. Paint all your wood pieces and decorative detail molding in your desired colour

9. Allow to dry 10-12 hours

Pulling it together

10. Cut 4 heavy duty pieces of ribbon to 30"

11. Attach your ribbon, equal distant, to one brace piece.

12. Pull them tight and staple the ribbon to the other brace piece

13. Add a decorative knob to the end of each piece of doweling

14. Add no slip legs to the bottom of each 'X'

15. Stack your suitcases and voila - a perfect side table or suitcase stand for the guestroom!


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