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DIY Kids’ Play Tent

Give your kids a fun, and stylish place to camp out as the weather gets cold. A simple A-frame tent is an easy way to give the kids a space of their own.

DIY Kids' Play Tent


4 4ft 1x2 pieces wood
1 length of dowel
Iron-on velcro tabs


1. Drill a hole (slightly larger than the diameter of the dowel) three inches from the top of all four pieces of 1x2.

2. Insert the dowel through the four holes you've drilled in the frame.

3. Attach four pieces of iron-on velcro to the four corners of your fabric.

4. Drape the fabric over your tent frame, and attach the velcro to the four bottom corners of your frame.

5. Done! Fill the tent with cozy blankets, pillows, and your child's favourite stuffed animals.


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