DIY Holiday Menus


To make your holiday dinner party that much more sophisticated, add a menu to every guest's seat so they can look forward to the feast they are about to partake in.

DIY Holiday Menus


Cardstock paper
A printer/computer
Exacto knife, cutting mat
Hole punch
Florist wire


1. Take card stock and use the template that we have created. Just download and fill out yourself. After you print them out fold them in half and spray glue.

2. Create small wreaths using two pieces of green florist wire twisted together.

3. Now take your favorites herbs such as Rosemary. Wrap it around the wreaths and secure with florist wire. Cut the ends.

4. Put a hole through the cardstock with a 1/8" hole puncher about ½" from the top. Take twine string, thread it through to secure the wreath and tie a bow.

And there you have it: a menu that is easy to make and will look amazing on your table!


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