Make Your Own Gift Wrap

In his first daily holiday DIY, Steven jazzes up inexpensive gift bags and shows us how to wrap with an inexpensive pashmina.

Gift Bags

52_Gift Bag - Hero.jpg

Dollar Store Bags

1.    Remove the handles from your bag
2.    Add decorative holiday elements to fasten your bag shut (Steven used decorative ribbon and a tree ornament on one bag and a button and feathers on the other)

Paper Lunch Bag 
1.    Cut slits through both sides of your paper bag.
2.    Feed ribbon through the slits;start at the top of one side, wrap the ribbon around the bottom, and carry on feeding your ribbon up the opposite side.
3.    Tie a bow at the top and add naturally sprigs of pine for some holiday pizzaz

52_Paper Bag Process -1.jpg52_Paper Bag Process - 4.jpg52_Paper Bag Process -3.jpg52_Paper Bag Process -2.jpg

Scarf Wrapping

52_Bottle - Hero.jpg52_2 - Bottle - Hero.jpg


1.    Roll your wine bottles up in the scarf or pashmina
2.    Stand your bottles up on end
3.    Tie a knot at the top of the two bottles and finish it off with a bow.
4.    Add a decorative ornament of
holiday accessory for a bit of flair.
Note:  This same wrapping technique can be used for one bottle, simply choose a shorter scarf!

52_Bottle Process -3.jpg52_Bottle Process -2.jpg52_Bottle Process -1.jpg52_Bottle Process -6.jpg52_Bottle Process -5.jpg52_Bottle Process -4.jpg 

Books or Square Box

52_3 - Book or Box - Hero.jpg

1.    Fold your scarf into a square 
2.    Place your gift on an angle, in the center of the scarf.
3.    Fold two adjacent corners over one another
4.    Use the two remaining corners to tie a bow
5.    Add a decorative accent to push it one step further

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