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DIY Super Bowl Party Decor and Snack Ideas For Game Day


Let your hosting be a touchdown with these Superbowl party ideas. From snacks to selfies, here are some DIY ideas to bring your game to the next level!


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Snack Stadium

  1. Use strips of bristol board and glue them around platter
  2. Put seven layer dip in middle
  3. Cover with guacamole
  4. Create end zones with cheese
  5. Use sour cream as the yard lines
  6. Create goal posts with black foam core
  7. Fill with chips, treats and sandwiches
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Astroturf Bunting

  1. Cut out triangles of AstroTurf
  2. Use number stencils and white paint for yard lines
  3. Hole punch holes in top two corners
  4. Tie together with twine and hang
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Football Snack Holders

  1. Print out a football off the internet on 8x5 x11 inch paper
  2. Trace the shape onto brown construction paper twice
  3. Hole punch holes along the bottom
  4. Tie with twine to create a pocket
  5. Use white construction paper for laces of football
  6. Put snacks in pocket and enjoy
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Superbowl Selfie Station

  1. Design your own helmet (or any football prop) on a piece of paper
  2. Cut the design and spray glue on to foam core (using foam will give it support)
  3. Use popsicle sticks or dowel for handles
  4. Snap away!
:::Superbowl Selfie Station:::
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