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DIY Faux-Leather Console


Luxe leather-covered consoles are everywhere right now. It should come as no surprise: Their sleek yet soft feel adds a level of sophistication to any space. Fortunately, you can recreate the look in your home for a fraction of the cost with an old table and some inexpensive vinyl. Here's how:

DIY faux-leather console table.

Above, from top: "Tasting Room - Pistachios" artwork, at Art Interiors; lamps, accessories and stool, all Artifacts; faux-shagreen fabric, Designer Fabrics; Malm dressing table, Ikea; Tibetan Collection Mosaic rug, Weavers Art.


old table or console*
vinyl faux leather (we chose a shagreen)
contact cement
paint brush
staple gun


  1. Sand down any large dents or bumps on your table.
  2. Measure out fabric and make a very rough template.
  3. Paint contact cement on the largest, most visible, surface of table. (With most, this would be the tabletop.)
  4. Lay fabric down on contact cement and smooth; be sure to remove any bubbles immediately as contact cement dries quickly.
  5. Wrap table as though it were a beautifully constructed gift; staple fabric down as needed. Be sure to keep staples to the back side of table as there is no clean way to cover them with vinyl.
  6. Add a piece of glass or Plexiglas to top of table to preserve life of vinyl.

*Follow same steps to cover other objects, such as a vase or magazine file, just be sure to measure twice and cut once!


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