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DIY Designer Light Fixture

Designer Andrea Ford returns to show us how to make one of our fave finds of the season: a bold globe pendant light. While the designer version can cost thousands, you can whip up this DIY stunner for less than 50 bucks!


Above, from left: Big Screen (P5248-62d) paint Para Paints; rug, end chairs and table, Elte, dinnerware, glassware and tabletop accessories, all Anthropologie.


round, large balloon (available at most party/balloon stores)
diluted papier mâché paste or Mod Podge
rubber gloves
crochet thread (available at most craft stores)
sponge brush
basic cord light fixture with glass shade or cap
ceiling hook


  1. Inflate balloon to desired size.
  2. Make diluted papier mâché glue (must dry clear) or Mod Podge. This can get messy; don't forget the apron and rubber gloves!
  3. Dip crochet thread in paste and lay it randomly across balloon. Continue to wind thread through paste and around balloon. If it gets tangled, just cut it off and start again. Be sure to leave a space through which to feed light fixture and bulb.
  4. Pause between layers to dry; allow a day between each.
  5. Paste balloon all over with extra glue using a sponge brush for added durability.
  6. Pop balloon and peel off any extra rubber pieces stuck to string.
  7. Thread light fixture through globe. The glass shade will prevent light from burning thread.
  8. Install fixture and hang from ceiling hook.


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