DIY: Construction Project for Kids

Get ready for a fun DIY for the kids. Gather your family together and have some fun with tools!  Frank DiLeo is here to show us how we can make a fun "Hockey Night In Action" board for kids who like to play street hockey. Not only does it help keep score, but it also acts as a warning sign for cars coming down the street.


Sand paper or orbital sander
Wire cutters for jack chain
Paint Brushes

2 pieces 1/2" plywood, 36" x 20"
2 pieces of 2" x 2" x 12" wood (to beef up the bottoms of both boards creating a mounting surface for casters)
2 butt hinges and screws
2' of jack chain (or rope)
4 caster wheels
1 1/2" wood screws (for casters and jack chain)
Exterior paint (your choice - have fun)
Letter/Number stencils
Flashing bike light
Plastic hockey pucks (for scoreboard)
Embellishments (your choice)

1. Round corners of plywood using a jigsaw and sand smooth.
2. Install hinges at top, joining two pieces of plywood (like sandwich board).
3. At bottom (inside) of both boards install 2" x 2" x 12" wood pieces.
4. Install 12" length jack chain on both sides of board (to prevent splaying).
5. Install casters (2 on each board) screwing into 2" x 2" x 12" wood pieces installed.
6. Paint as desired (I replicated look of hockey rink).
7. Stencil "Caution Hockey Ahead" (or something to that affect) on one side and stencil in numbers for scoreboard on other side.
8. Install bike light on warning side of board.
9. To mark scores cut slits into plastic hockey pucks (the thickness of board); attach pucks to each side of scoreboard and use as sliders to indicate score.

Watch this segment now for the step-by-step instructions!



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