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Design Inspiration from the Set

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Here at Steven and Chris we’re asked decor questions all the time about our fabulous set and how viewers should decorate their homes. To help you along with your home design needs, we're answering some of the most common questions we’ve received from our fans.

The Steven and Chris Set

Choosing a Wall Colour

What colour paint do you use on the set?

Our set consists largely of three colours by Benjamin Moore:

The dark grey is Blue Note 2129-30.
The light grey panels are Whale Grey 2134-40.
And the dark grey panels are Witching Hour 2120-30.

Wall colours on the Steven and Chris set

How should I choose a paint colour for my home?

This is a big question, and in general you should consider colours you’re most drawn to, as well as the mood you’d like to create in your room. Bright jewel tones will create a completely different look and feel compared to soft pastels or muted earth tones.

To narrow down your selection process, look to a colour within a piece of art, furniture or accessory you’d like to draw out. From there, you can experiment with the paint on a small portion of the wall before committing to splashing the whole room with it.

If you’ve decided to go white, be sure to check out Lynda Reeves’ top three white paints here.

Finally, if you like the idea of pattern or print on your walls, Trish Johnston has three distinct wall treatments to recommend, some of which don’t involve paint at all.

Curating Mementos

Curated shelving on the Steven and Chris set

How can I create big design impact in my living room while on a budget?

The easiest way is to curate some of your favourite items, photos and art that you already have and love. On your bookshelf, let bold colours dominate, mix things up with different textures, and put items you love on display, but be selective. You don't want your shelves to appear overcluttered.

Curated shelves on the Steven and Chris set

And when it comes to framing your art and photos, be brave and eclectic, again displaying images you love. Depending on the wall you can choose to use similar frames or switch it up with diverse styles.

For more ideas to bring some character and style to your walls and bookshelves, check out our articles on buying art online, how to decorate a reading nook, and frugal art projects you can create yourself.

Top Tables

Hina Khan sits with Steven and Chris at the chrome table on set

Where did you get the table with the chrome base?

This table where we sit with our guests, including the lovely Hina Khan during Dump or Keep, is from a wholesaler called Camilla House.

What table would you recommend for my (living room, kitchen, dining room)?

The answer to this question of course depends on the room, the space available and your style.

If you want to make a statement in your living room, we love the unique feel this round wooden table brings. Or for something that adds character as well as storage, a rustic trunk like this one does wonders.

For the kitchen, this black table from IKEA is versatile and lends itself to a number of different styles. IKEA’s also got your bases covered for a more formal dining experience, with this wooden dining table you can dress up with a runner and centrepieces.

And for side tables in your living room, bedroom or office, check out the plethora of options Trish Johnston shared with us.

Creating a Clutter-Free Kitchen

The Steven and Chris kitchen set

How do I add character to my kitchen while keeping it clutter-free?

Our new kitchen in season seven has been equipped with items from IKEA, which are super customizable to your home and kitchen needs. We went with crisp white cabinetry for a classic look, and added a rustic touch with the wooden open shelving.

Open shelving in the S&C kitchen

The cannisters and storage containers on our open shelves and countertop are great because they serve a purpose and are also visually appealing. The coloured jars and bottles also provide a nice hit of colour against our light backsplash.

Open shelves are a great place to get creative. Mix everyday plates and bowls with collectibles. Layer in cutting boards and add luxe linen tea towels for more personal touches that are also importantly functional. And if you feel all your appliances and gadgets are getting out of control, coral them with a wooden tray.

S&C kitchen counter top

For more kitchen inspiration, check out this IKEA kitchen makeover, and these cool products to upgrade your kitchen.


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