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Decorating your Bathroom

Margot Austin, Design Editor of Style at Home Magazine came in to talk tips on decorating the bathroom - a room that she feels is too often left out of the decor vision. She's going to help you take it from bland to blissful!

Margot's DON'Ts:

Dusty potpourri, fake flowers, carpet, toilet covers, towels too close to the toilet, toothbrushes left out in the open (always in a drawer or behind a door), fine art that would get damaged in the humidity, and no reading material.

Margot's DOs:

1. Set the tone with wall colour

  • Colour on the walls is a quick, inexpensive way to add life and character and first stop on your decorating blitz.

  • A classic pale watery blue is a no-fail option

  • Margot's paint favourites: include: Benjamin Moore Ocean Air (2123-50); Summer Shower (2135-60): Restoration Hardware Silver Sage - and more.

  • Go bold with beachy and tropical colours for a more invigorating bathroom space

2. Add colour and pattern with textiles or wallpaper (the soft furnishings)

  • With so many hard surfaces in the bathroom, soft furnishings are essential to add warm, tactile, comfortable decorative elements - and great place to get creative.

  • Create a coordinated look with colour and pattern with accessories

Shower Curtains
They take up a lot of visual real estate in the bathroom, so make them look good! Colour and patterns to cheer you up in the morning or calm you at night. Tip: if you can't find one you love - make your own shower style statement with fabric like Margot!
Linen: Margot likes pure linen, vintage or monogrammed hand towels.
She recommends linen for contact lens wearers, like her, because linen is lint-free
Linen is a small luxury that everyone can afford - you can even make the towels yourself, then layer these on top of darker or coloured terry towels.
Terry: White is fresh and spa-like, but colourful towels are making a comeback.
Folded and stacked creatively, towels can be beautiful and utilitarian element of your decor. Stack them in stripes or mix and match. Use them to create a focal point and set a cheerful tone. Or use them to take your other patterns from fresh in summer to cozy in winter. For just a few dollars, you can change the atmosphere of the bathroom.

3. Great accessories add practical hits of glamour and luxe

  • Containers: Glass apothecary jars or other nice containers to hold - Epsom salts, cotton balls, swabs, bath crystals, soaps, shells

  • Tray: For the vanity or table to display pretty things, corral the clutter!

  • Hint of Scent: Great and gorgeous bath product - scented flowers, Jo Malone, Lothantique, Molton Brown, Kiehls, Acca Kappa, Mario Badescu (at Delineation), Fresh note: Margot's fave air fresheners Jo Malone Scent Surround spray in Aqua di Limone scent, Restoration Hardware Lavender Rosemary. Colourful new scented stones as an alternate to pot pouri; fine scented candles

  • Tub tray: Gives decorative display with hint of luxury and its practical for tub essentials.

4. Add artwork to give the space personality and interest

  • Originals from emerging artists can be found at studio sales, independent galleries and so on. It doesn't have to be a big investment, as anything too valuable could be ruined by steam or heat.

  • Think creatively - you may already have the art! - black and white photos, beach vacation photos, or frame vintage prints or old beauty magazine ads, botanical prints or shadow box a shell.

5. Freestanding furniture finds its way into the bathroom
Antique or Modern, large or small, freestanding furniture adds a real sense of elegance and comfort. Margot likes using antiques - she has no fears about them being ruined. They add charm and character and take away the sterile feel in so many bathrooms.

On-stage Bathroom Information:
Bathtub tray
Heated towel rack from:
Toronto, ON

Artwork from:
Art Interiors
Toronto, ON


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