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COMMENT TO WIN: Decorating with Spring Flowers

Spring is in the air and there is nothing more inspiring then filling your house with beautiful spring plants.  Now that doesn't mean that you need to keep them in those hideous green plastic containers.  Karen Kirk from Canadian Living is here to show us some great ways to fancy up our spring flowers.

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Repotting spring bulbs:



1. Gently shake the bulb plant out of the plastic container, don't shake off all the soil but just enough so that the bulb will fit into the container you've chosen. Don't worry...you can always add more.

2. If your container is larger that the plant you're repotting add a bit of potting soil
The vessels height depends on the plant, some of the bulb should be exposed above the soil and for some bulbs you don't even need soil

3. You can add rocks at the bottom if you like, but when water correctly, the plant will not require extra drainage.  You want to moisten the plant not drown it.

4. Cover with more soil if you find the plant needs it

5. If desired place decorative moss on top

6. Moisten soil with water, don't drown the plant.


If you're wondering what to do with your bulbs once they've started to fade, best to let them die back as much as possible so all nutrients go back into bulb...clip off all dead foliage and flowers, plant in the garden after threat of frost is gone...they may or may not come up next spring but it's worth a try. Plant in clusters at least 3" below ground...green side up!

Arranging Cut spring flowers:



1.  Cut stems on flowers.

2. Place frog in teacup.  If I don't have a glass frog, you can tape a grid on the top of vase or cup...I'll show...you can find frogs at flea markets, flower shops...pretty much everywhere...ask your granny or Mom...they'll likely have several of them.

3. Add water to teacup.

4. Arrange your flowers in the vessel.

Remember, there are no rules in making these arrangements, do what you think looks good.  These are flower arrangements that don't take more than 15 minutes to do or cost a lot of money.

This little tea cup arrangement is a great way to use those little flowers and foliage that are left over from larger bouquets...they've broken off or whatever and you just can't bare to throw them away.

You can use flowers cut from potted plants..ie miniature daffs and grape hyacinths etc


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