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Decor on a Dime:  Home Office

Dear Deb,

I love your makeovers on Steven and Chris's show. But I have a challenge for you. As space is limited in my home, and I try to make it look like I live clutter free... I have been wanting to turn my den closet into a little office that I can simply close off from the rest of the room. Of course, when I moved into my house five years ago this particular closet ended up a dumping ground for all kinds of stuff but I really need to get it together. Are you up for the challenge?

Watch this segment in episode 47 now!

We know Deb Nelson is up for any decor on a dime challenge! Here's what she did to make this tiny home office totally usable.


Genny had a closet she wanted to turn into an office. If you don't have the space in a closet, you can still take some of these great ideas to incorporate in any office space you do have.


First I removed the rod across the closet that would have held the clothing. Then to build a desk, I added a piece of white melamine covered MDF which was the exact same as the upper shelf in the closet. This was easy and affordable, and the hardware store will cut it to size for you if you give them the correct dimensions. I attached it to the walls at regular desk height. I used simple, 2 x 4 lumber to make brace for either side to hold up the MDF. I then used white veneer tape to finish the front edge of the desk/MDF. This is inexpensive and it goes on with a hot iron.

By adding a mirror to the back wall of the office it bounced lots of light around and really is a trick that opens up any small space. The fact that there is a window directly behind the closet really helps; I could reflect the natural light back into the closet. This was a very inexpensive mirror for $7.99 and came with a raw wood frame you can paint any colour to coordinate with your decor.



I found these inexpensive little organizing containers, in a raw wood, also something you can paint in any colour. They come with different configurations of drawers. They provide great office storage and can really help you with organizing. I used chalk board paint (now available in these amazing colours) to paint the front of the drawers so I can write with any colour chalk what is in there today but can easily change it tomorrow.

There is also this standing file folder holder in raw wood, that I painted white and has great storage too. You can paint any of these storage/organizing units in any colour that you want to coordinate with your desk/office.

Bins and baskets are also great for storage and organization. We used the 3 white metal bins that Genny had across the top shelf. Put stuff in here you don't need everyday cause they are up on the top shelf and can be hard to reach on a daily basis. In my office I would store fabrics in one, ribbon in another, etc.


The inside of closet doors are often overlooked, so don't forget about this great use of vertical space. I attached corkboard and pegboard to the inside of the closet doors to utilize this space.

Corkboard comes on a roll at office supply stores. I painted it white, and jazzed it up with some ribbon and you have a cute, functional corkboard. You can really personalize this in any way you chose, different colour paint, different ribbons, patterns, etc.

Take a look at the white pegboard, it's very inexpensive and my new favourite material. You buy an accessorizing kit with it and it comes with the items to hang the pegboard on the wall and a great variety of pieces to attach to the pegboard. You can hang anything on here and it really helps keep you organized.

The best part of having your office in a closet is closing the doors when you are done!

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Deborah Nelson's clothing provided by Freda's, hairstyling by Sugar n' Spice.




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