Create a Perfect Mudroom

Designer Hilary Farr is often asked about kitchens but when it comes to having a functional home, she says mudrooms are worth some attention. They add much needed storage to your space and help keep you organized, so why not put a little effort into making it functional and fabulous.

Create a Perfect Mudroom

Above: cabinet, Cornerstone Furniture; bench, Forever Interiors; tile, Stone Tile; shoe storage, shelf, IKEA; hooks, knobs, bowls, Anthropologie; baskets, umbrella bin, pillows, message board, HomeSense; light fixture, Union Lighting; paint, Farrow and Ball; rug, vintage

Consider Antique Storage

Instead of big box shelves or cabinets, think about going antique. The black antique wardrobe Hilary picked has tons of storage and if you label baskets for the whole family, everybody can grab what they need when they need it. There's no reason this shouldn't be tidy. If you can see through it and it's personalized, everything should go back in its rightful place. A handy shoe organizer means you don't have to trample all over shoes on the floor, as they can neatly go into hiding.

Hooks are Essential

Hooks are an essential in a mudroom to hang your coat, hat and dog leash. Just remember, this isn't your main foyer, so don't clutter it with a million coats you aren't using on a daily basis. A mud room is meant for grab and go, so what you hang here should be stuff you're using quite often.

Include Seating

You also need a place to sit down while putting your shoes on and off. The texture of the rustic bench Hilary chose keeps it from looking fussy so if it gets scratched or dirty it won't be that noticeable. Plus it's simple, practical and not too wide for the space.

Durable Flooring is Key

Choose a floor that's going to be durable and not difficult to maintain, like this grey porcelain. It's easy to clean and in a small space like this does not break the bank.

Don't Forget About Accessories

Think about adding a Persian rug for warmth and colour, a practical but gorgeous light fixture, a place for keys, and a notepad to scribble down notes for the whole family.

Hilary Farr


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