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Create a Comfortable Home Office

Want to create a comfortable home office to read, write, or get away for a little quiet time? Here's how you make it's a little stylish, so it doesn't feel like a traditional office space.

Create a Comfortable Home Office

Above: desk, chair, cabinet, glass table lamp, pendant light, Cocoon Furnishings; bench, driftwood sculpture, beaded boxes, shell necklace, Kuda; artwork, Art Interiors; bowl, picture frames, lamp, HomeSense; throw cushion, pottery, throw, Biltmore furniture; rug, W Studio; paint, Para Paints

1. Writing desk

The first piece of furniture you should start with is the desk. Don't get a desk that looks like a utilitarian office desk. Instead invest in a writing desk, something that has clean lines and feels light and airy. You don't want to overpower the room, and this style will help to achieve this.

2. Chair

Now that you have your desk, you need a chair. Because this is an occasional office where you will not be sitting for hours, there is no need to get your standard issue ergonomic office chair. Get a beautiful dining chair in a durable leather. Something that is larger in scale and can be used as a side chair in other rooms in the house if you tire of it in this space.

The one we chose has a curved sweep on the sides that adds a real feminine touch, so don't be afraid to choose something that has the appropriate feel to the rest of the room.

Create a Comfortable Home Office

3. Cabinet

Storage is important in any room in the house. But you probably won't need those metal filing cabinets. Invest in a decorative cabinet. It will still house the printer and your supplies but in a very beautiful way. It also allows you an extra surface on which to layer in the things that will add personality to your room.

Create a Comfortable Home Office

4. Layered Lighting

Task lighting is always a must have. However, you might as well make it beautiful. Pick one that has some great personality. On the cabinet, add a decorative lamp. It can be one that you would more likely see in a living room, which will make this room seem more like another living space as opposed to an office.

Don't be afraid to add in a pendant light overhead. The more lighting the better. We recommend a statement piece like the one we have used. It adds that wow factor to the space in a very subtle way.

Create a Comfortable Home Office

5. Accessories

Incorporate accessories that mean something to you. Maybe they're things you picked up on your travels. Large sculptures like the driftwood piece we used also add a lot of texture and impact to a space like this. To finish off the space, make sure to choose a fantastic piece of art, something that inspires you.


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