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Create a Basement Cigar Lounge

Is your basement a dumping ground for all your old furniture and kids toys? If you want to reclaim your lower level and transform it into a cozy lounge for adult enjoyment, designer Lisa Worth has some valuable tips to help you!

Basement Cigar Lounge

chairs, coffee table, cube croc ottoman, cushions, throw, tray with glasses, Elte; chain lamp, sofa, basket with balls, artwork, UpCountry; rug, Modern Weave

Keep Colours Warm

Basements are dark, with low levels of natural light. Warm colours schemes work nicely and keep the room cozy. But don't think you have to keep repeating the same warm colour — it will become predictable.

Basement Cigar Lounge

Invest In New Furniture

Why can't a basement be elegant? Invest in new pieces to add a touch of glam to your basement. Too many old worn pieces will make your basement look like a storage room, and nobody wants that.

Choose Your Rug Wisely

Choose a contemporary rug with rich warm colours. This is a space for both sexes to enjoy, so don't go with large florals or anything too feminine.

Basement Cigar Lounge

Hang Contemporary Artwork

When you are using a warm colour palette, juxtapose it with contemporary art rather than going with traditional pieces that usually use the same warm palette. A black and white piece of artwork on a warm wall will create more interest and sophistication.

Pendant Lighting

Don't limit yourself to pot lights and flush mounts. Consider pendant lighting for your basement. This will enhance the lounge look and experience.

Custom build, The Beswick Group; architecture, Taylor Design Group


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