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Cousins on Call

With their new HGTV show Cousins on Call, Kitchen Cousins Anthony Carrrino and John Colaneri are expanding beyond the kitchen and getting into the rest of your space. Here we chat renovation tips and tricks with the guys, and take a look inside of some of their most memorable spaces.

How do the guys recommend tackling renovations? Here are some of their top tips.

Be prepared

Going in to a renovation is no small feat, so be prepared. Plan the renovation, build a budget, examine every possibility, and then book your contractors. Always keep in mind that you can never be too prepared!

Cousins on Call

Start small

If you're a first time renovator, then start small. This is not the time to be tearing the roof off or digging the basement down deeper; get your feet wet with a small project and them move up from there.

Cousins on Call

Hire professional installers

Items like kitchen cabinets, flooring, appliances and built-ins should all be installed by professionals. When there's so much room for error, we really encourage professionals.

Cousins on Call

Incorporate personal touches in every space

Your home is just for you, so make it personal. Elements like DIYs and custom touches really make your space feel like it's all yours and will ultimately make you more comfortable in your home.

Kitchen Cousins Anthony Carrrino and John Colaneri


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