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Cord Clutter-Busters


A home office can be a challenging space to keep clean and tidy. Here are a few inexpensive tips and tricks designers use to conceal the cables and computer clutter to keep an office looking awesome.

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1. Create a false front.

Add a piece of panelling ($13/panel) to the back of your desk to mask the cord clutter and keep things looking neat and clean from the front.

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2. Tidy up.

It is possible to keep electronics exposed without it looking like an explosion. Tuck all cords to one side and use a tie like the Wrap-N-Strap ($9) to fasten them together. If all else fails, a zip- or twist-tie will do the trick!

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3. Connect the dots.

This is all about following the lines of your desk and running the cables along them. Small, adhesive cord clamps (from $2) will stick to any surface and are a great way to secure your cables in place.

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4. Mix it in with the moulding.

Paintable, self-adhesive products like Cable Raceway (from $11) are a home office's best friend. When run along any moulding or baseboard, they become virtually invisible.


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