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Cool-Home Hunter: Funky Loft

Architect Alex Josephson of Partisans, was the creative force behind this quirky industrial open-concept loft—a one-of-a-kind space that truly challenges design conventions—but that's not all...he's also the tenant!

More Funky Facts

  • Career-driven Josephson is only 29 years old!
  • In pursuit of absolute creative freedom, he scrapped the basic rules and started building without a drawing.
  • It took Josephson two-and-a-half years to get the loft to where it is today.
  • The whole project only cost him $25,000. His secret? He waited for items to go on clearance and did a lot of the labour on his own—even installing the toilet himself!

Cool-home hunter, Kelly Wray, with Steven and Chris.Got a cool home to share? Send us an email telling us all about its quirks (don't forget to include pics!), and Kelly Wray might just come a-knockin'!


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