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Cool-Home Hunter: Mega Minimalist

Cool-home hunter Kelly Wray's latest discovery takes us inside a small house with big impact. Talk about minimalist: The homeowner's "bed" is no more than a thin foam pad resting on the floor! Join Kelly on her exclusive tour of this one-of-a-kind space and who knows? You might just be inspired to clear the clutter in your own home!

Architect: Andrew Reeves (Linebox Studio inc.)

Minimalist Miscellany

  • All of the industrial concrete floors boast radiant hydronic heat so it's actually not as chilly inside as you might think.
  • Though there is no air-conditioning, all of the windows open (including the high-tech skylights, which retract via remote) to let in the breeze.
  • Despite the competitive Toronto real estate market and the home's designer look, the house (including the purchase of the land, construction costs and city and legal fees) only cost $358,000! The project's budget was set to match that of a comparable condo.

Cool-home hunter Kelly Wray with Steven and Chris.Got a cool home to share? Send us an email telling us all about its quirks (don't forget to include pics!), and Kelly Wray might just come a-knockin'!


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