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Cool-Home Hunter: Eco Cottage


Cool-home hunter Kelly Wray checks out a gorgeous green cottage—and we don't mean the colour. The luxurious vacation home is powered by cutting-edge sustainable technology to help the homeowners lessen their carbon footprint.

Architect: Altius Architecture Inc.

The Green Goods

  • All the wood in the home (cherry and cedar) is either reclaimed or certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
  • Every drop of paint is low- or no-VOC, and there's no vinyl or plastic anywhere to be seen. Everything has been built out of natural materials.
  • The homeowners' goal was to reduce their energy footprint as much as possible without compromising on size or comfort—which, with three generations of family members on hand, was no small feat! They wanted a getaway that felt warm and took advantage of the prime location, and their stunning cottage does that and more.


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